Thursday, 19 May 2016

Review of besolbo Skin Purify Smog Mask


The final beauty item of BNT beauty box May '16 is  besolbo Skin Purify Smog Mask - a facial sheet mask marketed to target all skin concerns and claims to form a protective barrier against pollution.

Fortunately for me in Singapore, almost three quarters of the year is free from pollution. But still, I was intrigued to see how this one works.

Click on image to view ingredient list in English

A box of ten sheets

Features of the mask:
  • 100% cotton sheet - special net structure blocks micro dust and decongest pores
  • Purifies, soothes skin and forms a protective barrier on skin to lock in moisture
  • Natural plant ingredients and multi-peptide
  • Add moisture, hydration, firmness, increase elasticity and glow.
In other words, it resolves EVERY skin need, except for whitening (which is overridden by 'brightening' anyways).

I didn't really feel any special difference in the sheet material - only thought that it is thinner and lighter than most sheet masks. Maybe that helps in quicker absorption of nutrients? The thing I like about this is the serum liquid amount is just nice - not too drippy or wet.

Increased clarity and radiance is seen even after I left the mask on for only a mere 15 minutes. Hydration effect is great, but the moisturising factor has further room for improvement. I didn't apply additional moisturiser after this mask, and the skin beneath my nose were rather dry after a day out with my cushion powder on (yes the Real cushion powder from Etude House - it is a beautiful product and I will share with you more on that next few weeks.)

The radiance were still apparent on my skin after a day, so I think it is a relatively effective mask. However, with its hefty price tag, I'd expect it to work better - or at least clear out my pores better and reduce its size?


PRICE: 90 000 won

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