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WELLAGE Black Aqua Roll Mask Pack Review

WELLAGE Black Aqua Roll Mask Pack Review

WELLAGE Black Aqua Roll Mask Pack Review
The second item in the BNT beauty box that I'd like to share my thoughts on is the WELLAGE Black Aqua Roll Mask Pack.

WELLAGE Black Aqua Roll Mask Pack Review

Comes in a handy plastic cylinder of 10 sticks (masks), this bundle of joy is perfect as a travel companion.

Wellage Black Aqua Roll Mask has 25 functional ingredients to help relieve stress on the skin. What’s so special is that the product claims to emit ion and infrared radiations to destress skin. Thousands of micro-sized pores are on the sheet (non visible though)

Charcoal material was used to produce the sheet which is good for hydrating and to transport enriched minerals to the skin. A special technology using semi-microsome, a finer version of liposome stabilises the 25 ingredients and help them penetrate into the skin for long-lasting moisture.

WELLAGE Black Aqua Roll Mask Pack Review

The benefits of such a packaging is the compact size, and the roller mechanism is a good way to minimise touching of the mask, so this increases level of hygiene.

One thing I couldn't understand - why is the pack so difficult to tear off? Please bring a pair of scissors along if you decide to pack these for your travels!

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This is how you roll down the mask

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Now we wait for 20 minutes!
The instructions printed on the back of the package are all in Korean language so I couldn't understand. I left the mask on my face for 20 minutes - the usual timing for all my sheet masks.

WELLAGE Black Aqua Roll Mask Pack Review
Yay done!!


I do like the effects of the masks - brighter, more hydrated and cleaner skin. However, I have no particular fancy for this self-proclaimed convenient packaging -the usual sheet masks are not too bulky to start with, isn't it? A mask that needs scissors to cut open is just a waste of time, especially if I intend to mask on the flight - then I couldn't (no sharp weapons on the plane ok)

Effects of clarity or hydration did not last too long either -gone after half a day. Hence, I totally do not buy the "ions and infrared" story behind this mask.


PRICE: 35 000 won
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