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Shop with EZBuy and SAVE SAVE SAVE!

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Me and my new Victorian-styled chair from Taobao!

Hello Lovelies!
Remember in my previous posts, I mentioned I just moved into my new home? And as you know, shifting is a tedious task and to top it off, shopping for furniture and furnishings can  be stressful when what you have in mind are not accessible in your country. Even when they are available, they may be priced out of your budget due to high shipping costs or high markup by local sellers.

That's why I decided to source my home stuff from Taobao. If you're an avid online shopper like I am, you'd have heard of Taobao long ago. If you're new to Taobao, then read on! 

Why Shop from Taobao
  • Goods are MUCH MORE Cheaper because you are buying directly from the country of origin. (You know many stuff you use are Made in China right? If you hear any sales talk about their goods are from Hong Kong - that means it's from China. Some dishonest sales people claim their stuff are from Taiwan, but sorry, truth is many are also from China. FYI, there are Japanese, German and other European brands with production factories in China.)
  • There is a HUGE variety of stuff available - so huge you can't imagine. What you can't get in Singapore, you can try Taobao - I bet you can find what you want, 80% of the time! 
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Saw this on my IG right? The tray, feathers, coaster, pearls are from Taobao!
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For folks who already heard of Taobao, but have problems navigating through due to language barrier, EZBuy is your saviour! Evolved from 65Daigou, they are the largest and most popular shopping service provider in Singapore. They have been featured on local media as well as social media. Apart from Taobao website, they also can help you buy and ship items to you from USA, Taiwan and other China websites.

EZBuy has launched their PRIME service - an exclusive membership club in which members will be able to ship their parcels at a flat rate of SGD2.99!

Benefits of Prime
  • Prime offers you an unlimited shipping fee at only $2.99! Regardless the size, weight or quantity.
  • Save tons on shipping fee and best for purchasing heavy stuff like furniture
  • Instant upgrade to SVIP membership to enjoy 50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders
  • Includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After-sales support

You may refer to the below links for more information on Prime:

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All cutlery and some tableware in this pic are from Taobao! Dreamy, princessey hi-tea session, anyone?

Last but not least, another good deal to share:

$10 Shopping Voucher for you to shop on EZBuy 
here: <>

Happy Shopping! Comment below if you need the links of the stuff you see in my pics. :)

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