Friday, 12 August 2016

Amazing Makeup Under S$20 - Review of Palladio Velvet Matte + First Impressions of other Palladio Picks


Every girl deserves to be pretty; quality makeup should be made accessible to everyone.

That is my fundamental belief.

Although I am an avid collector of luxury makeup as well, I still believe the market needs more affordable and high quality makeup... so everyone can look & feel beautiful, anytime. In my quest for cheap & good makeup, I have met certain beauty brands that did not disappoint. However, these are only a handful...and sometimes even "drugstore" beauty products cost more than $25 for a single item.

Palladio is a US drugstore brand that retails at Ulta - a large chain of beauty stores in USA. Palladio is unique for infusing its cosmetics with botanical herbs and vitamins. This year 2016, Palladio Singapore officially launches at Guardian Singapore.

Their products are marked at incredible prices, not exceeding SGD20 for any one item.

I am thrilled to share some of my favourite picks from the brand, starting with their very popular...
Available in 12 matte shades


Intense colour payoff, well-distribution of pigments, smooth & non-drying texture - one quick swipe lasts the entire oily meal.

12 available colours ranging from pretty nude pinks, to bold, vampy shades. You are bound to find one (or more!) colours that suit your palette.

Priced at $8.90, I bet many gals are tempted to grab all the available shades! Read till the end of the post, and I will share with you how to get a *FREE full-sized Velvet Matte Lip for yourself!

Only downside of this product: although there is no empowering scent, there is a faint crayon smell when just applied. It disappears after a short while though.  

For the darker shades, I lined with lips first with...

Palladio Retractable lip pencils (S$6.90)

Comes in 6 shades.


My initial thought when I saw this product - oh, it's a dupe of Chubby Stick by Clinique! However, I prefer this shiny silver packaging which oozes chic vibes!

Seriously, I think the name "lip balm" is totally misleading here. As evidenced in my above swatches, the colours are poppy and so pigmented - it looks like lipstick! However, the texture is smooth like a balm - moisturizing & comfortable on the lips.

Obviously not as long-lasting as Velvet Matte, but the colours from this range are very bright and beautiful. Feels very K-Beauty.

If I got to be picky about this lip balm, it has got to be the "brilliance shine" claims. Yes it produces a slight sheen just like a creamy lipstick/lip balm, but it is not shiny or glossy - so don't expect that. :)

SILK FX All-In-One Herbal Eyeshadow. S$14.90
7 available colours in Singapore

This is an idiot-proof eyeshadow palette grouped according to colour tones. Shades are matched nicely in a set; with labels telling you where to apply which colour. User-friendly much?



I followed the labels suggestion and came up with this eye-makeup look...

Obviously you can guess which shades I used right?


The colours look really gorgeous in the pan...but sad to say, that's all to it.

Out of the three, Rendez-vous has the best texture. It's strange, but there is this subtle difference when product is applied onto skin. The powders of Rendez-vous glides on smoother and appears to be more pigmented than the other two.

That aside, upon coming in contact with the skin, the powders scatter readily (Reads: poor quality) and colours are not pigmented nor are they long-lasting. This product definitely feels very 'drugstore'.

I guess at the price point, one really cannot expect much?

6 available shades in Singapore.

Top selling oil-free formula which can be applied both wet, for maximum, all-day coverage, or dry, for light finishes and touch-ups. Contains alpha-hydroxy fruit acids to help eliminate fine lines; and Zinc Oxide to prevents breakouts.  

  Me using WD 403 NATURAL CLARY


I wet the sponge provided and apply on moisturized skin (no makeup primer or sunblock lotion).
As with most two-way powder foundation, this suits oily/combination skin and has light to medium coverage. Wet application increases coverage, but to medium-full at most.

Blot with Palladio Rice Powder Paper throughout the day!

Two-way powder foundation seems a little old-fashioned with all the raging trends of BB/CC cushions and creams. I was skeptical how this product will work out, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the shade and texture age well on my blemished skin throughout the day. The rice powder paper (in Translucent) really helped to brighten the face and keep it shine-free till many hours later.

Since it is a powder with kaolin and zinc oxide (full-on oil control mode!), it may be drying for some people. And this shade looks pesky on my skin when just applied. Total dead matte finish, but perfect on oily skin after oxidisation.

Avoid too much layering because it can look cakey.


MOTD with all the Palladio products mentioned

With my favourite shade Cashmere!


In the month of August 2016, Palladio Singapore is holding a FREE LIPSTICK EXCHANGE event!

Every Friday & Saturday in August, from 6pm - 8pm, bring any of your used drugstore lipstick to Guardian, ION exchange for a FREE Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Colour! (100 pcs each day only)


Don't say bo jio! Now, go be pretty! Happy weekend!



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