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Eliminating Stress with Spa Ceylon De-Stress Home Spa range


Spa Ceylon De-Stress Home Spa range

Spa Ceylon De-Stress Home Spa range review
"I am so stressed!" I am sure everyone has said that at some point in time, or have heard of people around you saying that. In a fast-paced society like Singapore, stress is inevitable. But stress is also the causal factor for a lot of illnesses.

How do you beat stress? For me, there are a few tested-and-proven methods to combat the stresses of life. First is to exercise, second is to chill out over a good cuppa with good company/good friends, and lastly go for massage and enjoy some good ol' aromatherapy.

Recently I have been invited to the Healing Touch at Tanglin Shopping Centre for a massage therapy session - a collaboration with Spa Ceylon De-Stress range. That night I could sleep like a baby after losing sleep for many days...all thanks to the masseuse,  Anne's magic touch.

I also brought the spa back home!

Or so I wished.

 Spa Ceylon De-Stress Home Spa range
Spa Ceylon De-Stress Home Spa range review
So glad I bagged home this set plus a brightening hand cream!
Originating from Sri Lanka, Spa Ceylon is the world’s leading luxury Ayurveda brand with nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health and beauty products. Awards-winner Spa Ceylon has launched its all new, most high-performing premium De-Stress range of health and wellness products which are designed to help ease stress and still the mind, thus promoting natural harmony and chakra balance.

This De-Stress range's lead ingredient is precious Frankincense, which is proven to be calming, pacifying and revitalising. 

The range is also infused with soothing Sandalwood, refreshing Tangerine and Kaffir Lime to promote clarity, and fresh organic Aloe Vera to cool and soothe the body system. The range is also enriched with powerful Ayurveda herbs, and features the traditional Dashamula formula fortified with potent extracts of 10 medicinal goods.

 Spa Ceylon De-Stress Home Spa Set (SGD 76.50)

Spa Ceylon De-Stress Home Spa range review

The home spa gift set I took home is a miniature version. The full-sized range includes the following products and are available for sale separately:

  1. De-Stress Relaxing Body Cleanser (250ml) - SGD34.90
  2. De-Stress Calming Body Elixir (250ml) - SGD39.90
  3. De-Stress Calming Body Massage Serum (100ml) - SGD39.90
  4. De-Stress Harmonising Essence Mist (100ml) - SGD39.90
  5. De-Stress Harmonising Balm (25g) - SGD19.90 
  6. De-Stress  Harmonising Balm Roll-on (10ml) - SGD19.90

  7. De-Stress  Dashamula Body Treatment Oil (100ml) - SGD29.90


     De-Stress Relaxing Body Cleanser (60ml)

Spa Ceylon De-Stress review

This foaming body cleanser is the first step to your home spa experience! Non-oily, non-drying, smooth clear texture that smells oh-so-dive divine and preps the skin for the upcoming goodness.

De-Stress Cleansing Bar (35g)

Spa Ceylon De-Stress review

For frequent travellers who prefer convenient soap bars in place of cleanser, this is for you. The effects on skin are similar to those of the body cleanser. But for me, I'll pick the cleanser anytime.

De-Stress Calming Body Elixir (250ml)

Spa Ceylon De-Stress review

Don't be confused by the name "elixir". This is just like a body cream that you apply to all over the body to hydrate and moisturise your skin. I like this one as it feels lightweight and doesn't leave an oily film behind.

De-Stress Calming Body Massage Serum (100ml)

Spa Ceylon De-Stress review
Body serum isn't quite the same as face serum. Do not layer this beneath a body cream like we do with face serums. I feel this is a tad sticky and heavy, but fortunately it is to be wash off after 1 hour. Function-wise, although it seems to be quite repetitive to the Body Elixir as both are moisturiser products; but this is used in a massage on hands & body, and needs to be rinsed off. 

De-Stress Dashamula Body Treatment Oil (100ml)  

Spa Ceylon De-Stress review
This is a massage oil for the scalp and body - it works best when warmed up. Honestly, I did not use this at home on my scalp nor on my whole body. I only tested it on my arms and washed off thereafter. I think for this one, you need someone to massage your body to enjoy its full effect. That being said, I do enjoy its scent a lot as I did for the other products in the same range. The massage I had at Healing Touch used this Body Treatment Oil on my whole body and I think it's pretty good.

De-Stress Harmonizing Essence Mist and De-Stress Harmonizing Balm
Spa Ceylon De-Stress review
These two are by far my MOST favourites of the lot, and I felt they were the most user-friendly pieces too! They are convenient to bring along to travel, especially the balm - you can slip in into your handbag daily, and dab a little under your nose or on your temples whenever you feel tensed up and need some relief. I have been spritzing the essence mist every night on my pillows and bed and even in my bathroom! No only it does wonders for helping me relax, I felt my sleep quality improve greatly too!


Since the base notes of this range are Frankincense and Sandalwood, (and not something as appealing/commonplace as lavender) this can go either way - you will adore it or you will dislike it. For me, I am initially not a fan of both ingredients - I find their scents more 'masculine'. But after using the essence mist for 2 days, the acquired scent gradually grew on me. This De-Stress range fulfilled its primary function - to destress, to relax... and in turn, that helps me sleep better. Anything that helps a insomniac sleep naturally is as precious as a diamond.

On top of that, knowing that the ingredients are natural, and free of silicones, paraben, paraffin and alcohol puts one's mind at ease too. On a personal level, I am happy that they are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals and 100% vegetarian.


The Spa Ceylon boutique is located at Wisma Atria #01-43.

For more information on Spa Ceylon, please go to or their Facebook page.

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