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Beauty News: Kocostar Head-to-Toe Masks Launching in Sephora Singapore


Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review

When we talk about sheet masks, the first thing we visualise is usually a white wet sheet on our face; but there is something more innovative than that....

Introducing a popular mask brand in South Korea - Kocostar! The unique brand concept where Kocostar takes care of your beauty needs at the comfort of your home, from head to toe. You will find masks for your hair, face, eyes, hands, feet and even fingers!

Slice Mask Sheet 
(Price: SGD 6.00 each)

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review

The star collection of Kocostar has got to be the Slice Sheet Mask. Creatively designed into twelve pieces of fruit slices printed sheets in each pack, this allows users more targeted application onto the areas where their skin needs attention.

Currently, the Tomato, Watermelon, Cucumber and Lemon Slice Sheet Masks are available in all Sephora Singapore stores.

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review

My skin concerns are more on the face, so that's where all my cute "fruit slices" will go to! (I have other masks targeted for other body areas - also by Kocostar!) But if you wanna make full use of Slice Sheet Mask, you may place flim sheets anywhere your body such as neck, arms, legs, etc. just like the girl below...

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review

The mask I chose to try first is the Cucumber one because it is suppose to purify pores, de-puff, soothe & refreshes skin. My greasy & puffy face is screaming for help! Besides its hydrating properties, this Cucumber mask also contains Vitamin C.

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review by Singapore Blogger

It's very fun to use! Not to mention if we compare to using real cut raw fruits/vegetables, this is a much more convenient and effective alternative. The moisture level undoubtedly will be way higher too. Despite being piece-by-piece film sheets, they didn't get overly messy due to excellent contact ability of the tencel fabric made from eucalyptus tree. The ink is harmless to the skin and won't leave any stains.

Apart from a high level of moisturization, I personally did not experienced the deep cleansing or de-puffing effects. Unsure if it is due to the gaps in between each film sheet, leading to uneven application? 

Product feels & smells refreshing with its light cucumber scent. Putting on the neck & décolleté seems like a smart move since there isn't yet a sheet mask in the beauty market that covers all the way below the neck.

That being said, I think I prefer to stick to my traditional fitted facial sheet mask after the novelty wears off for this!


Hand Moisture Pack 
Foot Moisture Pack
Foot Peeling Pack
(Price: SGD 7.00 each)
Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review

Hand Moisture Pack and Foot Moisture Pack are moisturizing and soothing treatment masks that improve the condition of dehydrated hands & feet in 20 minutes. Ingredients such as Shea Butter and Safflower oil are present in these masks to replenish moisture as well as intense nourishment.

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review
Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review
Yes, you can still operate your touch screen devices with the Hand Moisture Pack on!

Foot Peeling Pack is something more special:
An intense, soothing treatment of botanicals extracts to exfoliate and repair stressed feet while softening and smoothing the skin’s surface. Product claims that dead skin will come off your feet naturally after 3~4days. 

  Foot Peeling Pack ironically gave me a hard time for trying to tear it into two. #can'tpeelfornuts. 

Kocostar Masks Sephora Singapore review by Singapore Blogger

Singapore Top Blogs 2017
Me enjoying some me-time with Hand/Foot Moisture Packs.


Hand Moisture Pack and Foot Moisture Pack felt pretty pampering to the hands and feet. After 20 minutes, my hands and feet immediately look smoother, softer and brighter! Definitely something I will repurchase when I to complete my "home spa experience" or when they have been neglected for too long. 

TIP: Massage in excess essence for increased absorption. Also, remember to wipe off leftover grease from your soles before you start walking on the floor - it will get slippery!

I can't give a fair review for Foot Peeling Pack as the mask tore after the first 3 minutes because I was walking on the floor, stretching the poor dainty masks on my size 40 feet (to operate the self-timer camera. haha)! Therefore, consequently, I could not see any 'peeling' 3 - 4 days after. Obviously it had to do with me not leaving it on until its specified duration; or perhaps my feet didn't have that much dead skin to start with. Ahem.

To summarise, I am impressed with Kocostar as it offers a wide range of masks for every part of your body and for every skin type! I couldn't manage to finish trying all the masks that were sent to me yet, but I know I will enjoy most of them. In fact, I have been purchasing & using their Ggongji Hair Pack way before they evolved into a new packaging. 

The only hair mask I will ever wear to sleep on flights

Latest revamped hair masks packaging


For more product information, hop over to!
Kocostar Home Beauty Treatment Masks are available at SEPHORA SINGAPORE from 16 February 2017. Follow them on Instagram: @sephorasg and @kocostar for more updates.


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