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Equitance Skincare Review and Giveaway


"Clear", "Bright", "Radiant" - these are some words that never fails to capture my attention. In my voracious quest for the best brightening skincare regime, I find myself always coming back to Japanese beauty brands.

Equitance™ is a luxury skincare brand founded in Japan 18 years ago. With a focus on inner & outer beauty, they have successfully combined both Eastern & Western research and practices to produce effective skincare products, especially in the department of brightening & radiance. We haven't heard of it in Singapore quite yet, but in both the U.S. and Japan, Equitancebagged home several awards & accolades and had been featured in the press for over the years. Its collagen drink alone broke 30 million in sales. 

To read more about the company’s history and product information, click HERE.

Sunstar Singapore recently launched Equitance in Singapore, and I was blessed with the opportunity to review their “First Ever in Japan – Effective Whitening Mechanism with Linoleic Acid” brightening skincare range. Happy to share the results on my skin, later in this post! Read on!

Besides linoleic acid, the entire outer skincare range also contains shell ginger extract and cherry blossom leaf extract. 

Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion

- 1st step after washing
- Prep for skin moisturization


Japanese like to call toner "softener". I do not quite get why... until I met this toner.

Using this toner, I felt my skin softer and more hydrated (whenever I am not lazy to skip this step). It's easy to use - either pat on a few drops with your hands, or apply with a cotton pad.

One thing that I don't enjoy is the presence of alcohol content in this product. My skin sensitive to alcohol; but to my surprise, my skin didn't react badly with this toner. There is no distinctive smell of  alcohol too; just a light floral scent. 

Brightening Serum+ Spot Corrector 

- Star product of the skincare line: 2 million tubes sold in Japan!
- 2-in-1 serum product that can be used as targeted spot treatment, or improving dull skin.
- Contains second whitening ingredient - Vitamin C derivate 
-  88 % of women reported diminished appearance of dark spots*.

*Based on a clinical study conducted over 6 months and evaluated by dermatologists.

A drop like this is more than enough for the whole face. 
I suggest half of this size for oily/combi skin.


With the array of spot treatment serums available in the market, competition is stiff. What sets this Equitance spot corrector apart is the fact that it can also double up as a serum to the entire face, for overall brightening.

I have faithfully used this twice a day for 5 weeks. Within the first few uses, the skin reveals a natural glow and radiance, and I could see my skin tone turned brighter. On the down side, as I continued to apply serum on the entire face for the whole two weeks, I find my skin more prone to minor clogs/breakouts. Then I decided to switch to spot treatment - only applying to my sun spots, freckles and post-acne pigmentation. The breakouts stopped as soon as dosage was decreased.

As for results of diminishing spots, I find that progress is there, albeit rather slowly. After 5 weeks, several of my post-acne scars gradually faded. Darker freckles or older scars were still there, of course (I am realistic enough to understand that a skincare product alone won't totally extinguish them).

Before photo was taken on 23 Jan. After photo was taken on 1 Mar.
(Under same lighting conditions; no makeup, only sunblock)


Hydrating Brightening Cream


- Also contains shea butter and yogurt fitrate
- Moisturising and whitening
- Soft cream that spreads easily
- Non-sticky

For full list of ingredients, refer HERE.


Guess most will agree, whitening creams can be quite drying especially during colder seasons - they are insufficient on its own and mostly do require another layer of hydrating serum/cream. 

NOT this Equitance Hydrating Brightening Cream, though.

This is a richly-textured cream that will suit most normal & dry skin, and I think they works well in all climates - you just need to adjust the amount accordingly. For oily skin, please use this sparingly or risk feeling greasy & sweaty under our Singapore climate.

I personally love this moisturiser and can't do without it every night. My skin is well-moisturised as this seals up the goodness of my serums I apply prior to this last step of my skincare regime. My skin next day always looks radiant & healthy, obvious enough to garner a positive comment from my usually nonchalent hubby. Haha!

The entire outer skincare range has helped me achieve much more radiant and fairer skin tone over a few weeks. As a result, I saved time in my base makeup! No foundation necessary anymore! Just sunscreen, some concealer (during those damn pimple outbreaks) and loose powder - and I am good to go!

Vitology Premium Rich Collagen EX
(50ml × 10bottles. S$80.20)

Want radiant clear skin that comes from within? Equitance got you covered!

5000mg of collagen peptide, with Du Zhong Leaves,  Korean Ginseng extract, Vitamin C, amino acids and other ingredients as seen in picture above. Lychee flavoured.

I have only tasted *one bottle, so I cannot give a fair review of how it works on my skin health. It tastes better than many other brands of collagen drink, due to its sweet lychee flavour. Personally found this a special blend as it contains popular and well-documented Chinese & Korean medicinal herbs. You will be delighted to hear that this drink doesn't taste as herb-y as it sounds.

*Reason why I only did a sample tasting: my stomach is sensitive to high amounts of collagen and Vitamin C, in the form of  ascorbic acid. My IBS will be triggered after I consume more than 5 bottles of collagen drinks in a week.

Equitance products are available on sale in Singapore now! 
They can be purchased online at:

 (Valid from 2 March to 16 March 2017)

Wanna try these amazing Equitance products for yourself? This March, I will be giving away a Equitance full-sized hamper (worth S$355) to pamper & brighten your skin! Hamper includes:

  1. Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion
  2. Serum+Spot Corrector
  3. Hydrating Brightening Cream
  4. Vitology Premium Rich Collagen EX
Basically, the hamper contains EVERYTHING I reviewed in this post!


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🚩Terms & Conditions:  

* Accounts set up for giveaways only do not qualify, including tagged accounts.

* Giveaway ends on 16 March 2017, 23 59 hrs. Winner will be announced on 18 Feb 2017 .

* For Singapore residents only. Self-collection.


Good luck lovelies! May the sparkle follows wherever you go! 

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