Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why you should buy from a pet supplies store NOT pet shop


Review of Kohepets Singapore 
I recently just adopted a bunny

Circling around this "Adopt, Don't Buy" topic, if you also feel the same way about putting a price tag on helpless animals and reaping huge profit margins out of these fur babies, read on.

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Buying from Pet Shops and Restock Your Pet Supplies Online

  1. Same concept as buying pets from pet stores - these same pet shops thrive on profits from selling both pet supplies and animals. Therefore, making purchases of your pets' food supplies or accessories from these shops will mean feeding their business and contributing to the continuation and expansion of these chain pet stores.
  2. Due to being a brick-and-mortar store, these businesses need to pay overheads and rent so their products are highly marked-up. Who end up absorbing the costs? YOU.
  3. Pet supplies shop specialises in pet supplies ONLY; they do not sell animals.
  4. Many online pet supplies shops operate from SOHO (small offices/home offices), and these business owners are usually pet lovers and pet owners themselves. Thus, they are the best people to recommend you what your pets need, especially if you are a new pet owner.
  5. Online pet supplies business usually will not overstock on food products; so the food products are mostly fresher than retail stores. 
Review of online Kohepets

One of the pet supplies store I patronise is Kohepets. Kohepets is a local registered business in Singapore. 
Review of Kohepets Singapore
 I ordered some food supplies for Hannah, and she was so excited during our unboxing!

Review of Kohepets Singapore

For bunny owners, you'd know one of the best hay for your bun is Momi Hay. And Momi Hay is not readily available at chain pet stores. Not all online pet supplies stores carry Momi as well, but thanks to Kohepets, Hannah's supply of fresh Momi hay will always continue! (I paid for her hay by the way.)

Here is a list of stuff I ordered for Hannah:

I had excellent customer service experience with Kohepets. Their staff gave me sincere recommendations of stuff suitable for Hannah, and the delivery was timely and flawless. This is certainly one of the online pet supplies stores in Singapore I will repurchase from over and over again!

For Papas & Mamas of doggies, kitties and other small animals, Kohepets has even more offerings for you! Check out their website to know more!

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