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Top Award-Winning Dishes at Singapore River Not to Be Missed!

Whether you're a local or someone intending to visit the Lion City, Singapore, you'd have heard of Singapore River.
Top Award-Winning Dishes at Singapore River

As a Singapore born-and-bred local, I am telling you MUST visit Singapore River if you're a first-time visitor to Singapore! We go a long way back, and this is a place filled with not just the current sights, sounds & smells but it's an area of rich heritage and bustling local night culture.

In conjunction with Singapore River Festival to be held in November, Singapore River One (Singapore River Management) revealed its winners for SR Signature 2017, celebrating the best cuisine along the three quays - Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Robertson Quay. A panel of judges visited various F&B outlets across the three quays to try their signature dishes, and each selected their top five restaurants.

*My friends & I were invited to a media food tasting to 5 of these restaurants. I am not obligated to write about this event, but I want to; simply because as a Singaporean, I am super proud of my country...and I want to introduce this fabulous place-of-interest to my overseas readers and share some of its finest food offerings in the area!

Well, my focus in this blog post is the I shall spare you the glorious historical deets of Singapore River. If you're keen to know, go to :


SR Signature Afterdark Food Trail

1st Stop:
Ramen Keisuke Lobster King
Find out more about the restaurant here:

Things to Do in Singapore River

Food to try at Singapore River
 Winning dish: Lobster Broth Ramen Special Rich Soup.

MY THOUGHTS: Flavourful, rich soup with noodles which are more on the soft side. I like softer noodles so this works out for me. The portion is huge for one person, and it is a bowl filled with a variety of fresh ingredients that certainly make a hearty meal.

2nd Stop:
Violet Oon Satay Bar and Grill
Find out more about the restaurant here:

Best restaurant at Clarke Quay

Top ten restaurants in Singapore

Best Satay in Singapore
 Winning Dish: Tripe Satay

Best Satay Peranakan food Singapore
 Another popular variant: Pork Satay

Best Peranakan food in Singapore

Top Singapore Food Blog
Me with Chef Oon

MY THOUGHTS: For the benefit of my overseas readers, satay is a Malay word for skewer. Basically, it means barbeque meat on a stick. I don't take beef so gotta give tripe a miss. On the other hand, I enjoyed the pork satay a lot! It was so fragrant & delish, and grilled to a perfection. Sauce makes all the difference between a Malay satay and a Peranakan one. This sauce has a more tangy taste and not as sweet or nutty as the usual satay sauce.

Fun Fact: I am a fan of Ms. Violet Oon, the famous Singapore chef for Peranakan dishes/Owner of Violet Oon Kitchen; so much so that I attended her cooking class! Violet concocted so many popular dishes - I am certain you will find something you like here.

3rd Stop: 
Tongkang Riverboat Dining
Find out more about the restaurant here:

Best Food Blog Singapore 2017

Best seaood in Singapore

Best seafood in Singapore
Winning Dish: Wagyu and Seafood Platter

MY THOUGHTS: This is my favourite stop of the event night! Experiential dining on one of the two last surviving tongkangs (light boats for carrying goods) in Singapore. I have been dying to dine here, and I wonder why I didn't try it sooner! Things were really fresh and you don't even need much seasoning to be able to enjoy the sweet, succulent freshness of the seafood. (Apologies, I can't properly review the wagyu as I did not consume it personally; but I heard from my friends it tasted good!) Overall, this is a place where it sells a total dining experience that one cannot miss! However, do note that it is an non-airconditioned area so it is probably a better idea to go during cooler months.

4th Stop:
Bar Bar Black Sheep
Find out more about the restaurant here:

Best Indian Food in Singapore
Winning Dish: Tandoori Platter

MY THOUGHTS: This bar is no stranger to the locals. With its pocket-friendly prices and chillax setting on the less crowded side of the riverfront (Robertson Quay), it draws in both the young & the executive crowds. A place perfect for gatherings and for those who loves a good beer or wine. It serves Indian, Thai and Western cuisine but honestly, its food doesn't match up to the ambience. 

Side Note: SRO prep a river taxi (bumboat) to ferry us from Clarke Quay to Robertson Quay. I often relive this river cruise experience with my loved ones once every few years. You can check out how to take the boat ride HERE!

5th Stop:
Beast and Butterflies

review Bar Bar Black Sheep Hotel M Social Singapore

Best Lobster Porridge Singapore

Things to Eat in Singapore

MY THOUGHTS: Located at Hotel M Social, this retro-themed bar & restaurant is heaven for food instagrammers. I almost thought I walked into an art gallery...little did I realise this eclectic space is designed by iconic French designer Philippe Starck. Chandeliers, lava lamps, video projections, table-top TV screens - you are bound to get lost in this gorgeous wonderland for a minute before you even ask for the menu. It serves a fusion of East-meets-West cuisine. I only tried the Lobster Porridge, but boy it is so yummy, I will definitely come back for more and also to try other dishes! 

So grab your foodie friends and go try one of the above restaurants!

Have you been to Singapore River? What are your favourite eating haunts here? If you're planning a trip to Singapore, hit me up with any question! For more information on Singapore River's food & entertainment, go to

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