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IOMA PARIS Ma Creme Review

Personalised skincare isn't something new, but have you heard of a tailored-made face cream with 40 257 possible formulas and out of these, ONE is uniquely yours?

Introducing a pioneering French luxury skin care label, at the forefront of technology, and boasts of being the first and only skincare brand to prove the effectiveness of each of its products at the end of each treatment, on every woman using them - IOMA PARIS.


Consisting of Day and Night cream, this set of exacting, highly personalised skincare is almost all you need for a complete skincare routine. Each base contains up to 8 different serums tailored according to your individual skin needs. Bid adieu to your  time-consuming 10-step Korean skincare routine!

IOMA PARIS Ma Creme Review

IOMA PARIS Ma Creme Review
My trial the IOMA PARIS counter at Tampines Mall

The skin diagnosis takes about 10 minutes and a IOMA skincare consultant will be there to assist and give you advice on your skin needs. The top left photo above shows the machine where your made-to-measure Ma Creme is formulated after the machine diagnosis test, and you can collect your bottles within a few minutes.

IOMA PARIS Ma Creme Review
You will bring home two of such "report cards" recording details of your customised formula. The code is for easy retrieval on IOMA database, for your next visit.

IOMA PARIS Ma Creme Review

The bottle is functionally designed with a pump and a side indicator of how much product is left.
IOMA PARIS Ma Creme Review

Both Day and Night cream are the same in color, texture and viscosity. The only difference is the colour of the bottle packaging it comes in.

More information on Ma Creme can be found on their official website.

How to apply?

One application per day (for Day Cream) and per night (for Night Cream), two pumps for the whole face and neck. 12 to 15 weeks of treatment.


This set of skincare was all I packed for my recent trip to Amsterdam, and it was also all I used for the last 3 weeks.

It is really awesome for travel to any climate, because this is your all-in-1 customised bottle of cream with all the necessary serums your skin needs! When I don't feel lazy, I will use a toner before applying the creams.

Texture is light and product spreads & absorbs easily, with no greasy feel. Makeup generally goes on well on top, so a makeup primer is not really necessary.

I find that with the use of Ma Creme, my skin is as well-maintained and moisturised as when I was diligently conducting my regular 5-step skincare routine. My face feels soft, hydrated as per normal without any adverse reactions. I can't say for sure it improves my skin texture either, before my skin was pretty fine prior to using this.

Overall: I really do enjoy how easy and time-saving my skincare routine has now become! And since my skin is reacting well with this, I will continue to use for a long time.

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