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Singapore Blog Awards 2015 Best Beauty Blog Finalist

I need a place to rant, and since I wholly own this blog, I think I can do so here right? 
Please kindly bear with me a little...

If you are residing in Singapore, you should have heard of the Singapore Blog Awards (SBA) organised by OMY.sg. Needless to elaborate, it is a yearly awards ceremony, recognising the talents & efforts of our local bloggers.

This year, I participated in a few categories in SBA 2015. The very category that befits my blog the most (and one that is most important to me personally) is the BEST BEAUTY BLOG category, presented/sponsored by Panasonic Singapore.

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Eight days ago, I received a very delightful email congratulating me on being selected to be a Finalist in the SBA 2015 Best Beauty Blog category (Advertisers' Choice)! [Blog: http://faithyvanitytable.blogspot.com]

Upon reading the first line of the above email, I was OVERJOYED and literally did a binky jump on the streets! (Read: a binky jump is a special hopping-in-mid-air action by a very happy bunny) The next moment as I read on was a total game-changer to my moods.

I am supposed to attend a workshop organised by Panasonic and write blog posts about the event and a sponsored product, BEFORE I can be listed officially as one of the Top Ten Finalists, due to announce on 9 June 2015 (which is today, the day of me penning this blog post).

Before I register my blog at SBA 2015, I read the T & C, and KNEW that it is compulsory attend the Panasonic event BUT the event date wasn't confirmed at the point of my registration. At about the same time, my sweet husband paid a deposit for a SGD10K tour to Greece as our early wedding anniversary celebratory trip for 10th-20th June... the trip was only confirmed a day after my blog's registration for SBA 2015.

When I register, I wasn't expecting to be able to get onto TOP 10 Finalists of Best Beauty Blog Award category. Who would? (If I had knew earlier...I definitely will shelf my husband's travel plans.)

Anyway, fast forward to what transpired... The Panasonic event is going to be held on 13th June, which clashes with my Greece trip! I tried to appeal to the organiser, OMY.sg, to allow me to lock my name down as one of the ten finalists, but...
OMY Best Beauty Blog 2015
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I was denied, as expected.

Best Beauty Blog Finalist OMY SBA

Yes, it is part of the regulations that finalists are obliged to attend the mandatory event and write about it. And apparently, they aren't flexible about this.

There is nothing I can do, but still, I am honoured and feel appreciated that my blog, my baby, was (initially) recognised as one of the TOP TEN Best Beauty Blogs of Singapore!

I obviously won't have the opportunity to thank anyone at the awards ceremony, so here goes...

I want to....

THANK YOU my readers for your support,
THANK YOU Panasonic Singapore for selecting my blog,
THANK YOU OMY.SG for organising this awesome event for us bloggers,
THANK YOU JESUS for making my blogging journey a happy & satisfying one so far.

I am truly grateful to whatever I have right now, and I hope I will continue to be inspired to produce more quality blog posts in future. Please continue to support & encourage me okay? :)

UPDATE ( 5 Hours After This Post First Published):
I saw the names of my "competitors" and I suddenly felt much much better about not being able to participate this year... Their blogs are really fantastic, and in my opinion, better than mine! They deserve the award!  

Please support my beauty blogger friends at:
( I am rooting for 7 of them that I either know personally, or I really like the blog...sorry a bit sensitive to divulge who here; but trust me, ALL 10 of them deserve this recognition!)

And you can vote for your favourite Top 10 Popular Blog Awards (Overall) here:
(Kindly support Smith Leong, author of Singapore Top Toilet Reading Material AND Carrie Sim of carriesim.com)

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