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Korea Label ver. Chongsungah 22 Brand Launch and 1st Impressions!



Korea's popular makeup label, ver. Chosungah 22 recently held their brand launch in Artisteaq Mandarin Gallery, Singapore. Thanks to Sasa Singapore, beauty lovers can finally access this vibrant & wacky brand without paying hefty shipping fees.

For those who haven't heard of ver. Chosungah 22 yet, this brand was founded by a very influential pioneer South's Korea makeup artist named Chosungah who has shaped Korean makeup trends into what it is today. Having worked with so many top Korean pop stars and celebrities, she still goes by her motto: "Makeup should be  simple and fun" And this spirit has seeped into her makeup line.

Had a lot of fun with my girlies (our Singapore beauty influencers) learning makeup tips through a makeup demo by the Korean makeup artists.

Hands-on workshop where we can play around with ver. Chongsungah 22 makeup. Met some Korean beauties here!
With my lovely babe, Xinyi from My Fat Pocket. Photo credit : http://blog.myfatpocket.com/xinzz

A huge influencer's goodie bag filled with Chosungah goodness! Courtesy of Sasa and ver. Chosungah 22.

I will be sharing my first impressions on these five items I received in the influencer goodie bag.
  1. Bounce Up Pact
  2. Brow Marker
  3. Real Cheek Smoother
  4. C & T Blend Fresh Mix
  5. Dual Lip Tint & Gloss

 Bounce Up Pact

Tried this for a day, and found the finish very smooth and satiny. Coverage is medium to high, slightly buildable but not too much as there can be the risk of cakiness. The shade is slightly fairer/greyer than my usual but still ok. Not much oxidization after a day, but oil control is mediocre and there is a little streaking. I needed to blot after 3 hours, so this is pretty much just like my other normal two-way foundation compacts or BB cushions.

Brow maker

This is one of the more popular products amongst my blogger friends, and I can understand why. The brush is easy to handle, as the tip emulates a brow pencil. So it's basically two functions in one wand, i.e. draw and brush-on. This will be a perfect product for busy people. Colours-wise, the shades are natural and nice; however this particular shade randomly given to me wasn't my best match.

Real Cheek Smoother

Another convenient makeup product, this blusher is fuss-free dab on type with no brush needed. Straight from the tub, dab on your cheeks and blend with your fingers. Lilac shade is in fact a sweet light candy pink that I love, but honestly, only works for fair skins.

C & T Blend Fresh Mix

Super innovative design, especially with the screw on/off sponge tip. Applicator is able to disengage easily - makes life easier when it's that dreadful time to clean makeup sponges and brushes. This foundation is fun to use, but because the finish is so glowy, I don't suggest combination oily skin to attempt it.

Dual Lip Tint & Gloss

Was looking forward to try this Dual Lip ttnt & Gloss for eons, so when I got my hands on it, my heart was basically thumping aloud. Haha!

The colours do not disappoint. Tints are intense and very long-lasting, one or two swipes is enough to last through a light meal. The gloss is pretty too, very shiny and gives a full-pouty effect to thin lips like mine. However, one downside is the gloss is really sticky... those kind that makes your hair stick to your lips when the wind blows. Irritating much, yes? But I love the colours so much that I am willing to look past this! Haha!

How to look like a million bucks with ver. Chongsungah 22?
Follow their suggested steps! Lemming for that eyeshadow palatte, are you?

MY MOTD using all the Chongsungah Products 
as reviewed above.
How do I look?
ver. Chosungah 22 is now available at Sasa and Selectiv by Sasa. Follow Sasa Singapore on Facebook for more information!

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