Thursday, 7 April 2016

Review of Bespoke Box April '16


I am sure many of you are familiar with the concept of monthly beauty subscription boxes like the now-defunct Bella Box; or fashion boxes curated by blogshops such as the Her Velvet Vase Moodbox

What about a box targeted for your PMS? 

This is the first time I come across something like that, and I am thrilled to say the least. I have very bad PMS almost every month alongside excruciating cramps, so I welcome anything that can make me feel better.

Imagine my delight when Bespoke Box sent me their April 2016 box - and so timely it arrived a few days before my next period! :)

This sticker alone cracked me up so much! A joke or two sometimes do help to alleviate some PMS pains, yes?

So these were what was included in the April '16 box. Chocolates, cookies and snacks are definitely going to ease those strange cravings of the month!
I am more of a coffee person than a tea person, but I guess tea lovers will enjoy this healthier organic option!
A sweet note was attached and on it included a period tip. Adorbs. I was kinda enthralled by the scarlet coloured tissue paper as I unwrapped those goodies... couldn't be more apt of a colour. LOL.

Can anyone make a clever guess which is my favourite product in this month's box?

But of course.. the Hello Kitty O.P.I Nail Lacquer! Oozing cuteness in such a pretty pastel pink bottle!

Priced at $22 per box (1-time option), and 3 months for $63, 6 months for $120 and a whole year subscription for $228, before discount of 15%.

This can be a thoughtful gift for your girlfriends or for yourself as well, if you enjoy little surprises. It's inexpensive and the total worth of contents is always more than what you pay for! However, a little downside may be that the products aren't always to your liking or expectations, or they may turn out to be something that you won't use. BUT, to resolve that issue, simply pass it to a female colleague or a girlfriend! Share a little love!

To plan a little sweet surprise for yourself or your girl(s), visit today!

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