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New Opening of Hair Salon in Singapore : Flamingo Hair Studio Review


Ever wished your hair could look like this? 

OR like this?

I have, all the time. That's why I adore Japanese or Korean hair salons, in hope to achieve that J-Beauty & K-Beauty look. With the recent influx of Japanese & Korean hair salons into Singapore, consumers like us are spoilt for choice. The only few possible factors that determine our choice of hair salons are price, skills of stylist, products used, location, overall service & ambience of salon. 

If you agree with me up to this point, I am sure you'd like to be informed of this awesome beauty news... 

FLAMINGO HAIR STUDIO, a Japanese hair salon which prides itself as specialising in easy-to-maintain hairstyles has recently opened in central Singapore! With its convenient location at Neil Road (just next to Maxwell Food Center!), and its super affordable prices PLUS awesome stylist skills, I think Flamingo Hair Studio might just be the next big hit in Singapore!

The moment you step into Flamingo Hair Studio, you will immediately notice it is exceptionally different from your usual salon in Singapore. You are welcomed by the spacious, bright, simple, no-frills, very Japanese-style of interior decor. With the natural white light and soft jazz playing in the background, these inviting vibes calm your senses in an instant. This will definitely rock the boat of those who are into Japanese lifestyle & culture - 'cos this is the next closest thing to being in a hair salon in Tokyo!

The boss and Senior Hairstylist, Ryu Marco received me during my first visit to the salon. Besides the usual drinks order and magazines, he even went the extra mile and asked if he could serve me any snacks such as chocolates, cakes, etc. Very friendly and cordial!

Click to enlarge image
As illustrated in the above photo, you can see how affordable the prices already are without any discounts (READ ON to find out how you can get your hair done at FURTHER REDUCED PRICES!) You don't see many Japanese hair salons with this price point in Singapore!

Anyway, let's check out what I did for my hair on that day of my visit. I chose the Cut + Colour + Treatment package.

Ayumi was my main hairstylist of the day. Ryu was assisting her, since it was the first day she started work in Singapore! They are both very experienced hairstylists back in Tokyo. Communication with Ryu was excellent, and Ayumi can understand simple English. Ryu will be there to translate if necessary, so throughout my appointment, everything was very smooth and quick.

Currently, the hair dyes are mainly from Shiseido. They may introduce other popular hair colour brands used by the native Japanese to Singapore, depending on Singapore customers' preferences. So, if you want to try what the real Tokyo-ers are using, go feedback to Ryu and have him bring it into Singapore!

My hair treatment was done whilst lying down, with this cute little steam machine. Ayumi gave me a comfortable head massage after my hair colour, treatment and shampooing were completed.


I usually hardly find myself attracted to ashy colours, but somehow, this colour picked out by Ayumi went right up by alley! Colour seems to sit well with my skin tone (I requested for something to brighten my dull skin tone, and this did it!) and the subtle ombre effect (more obvious ash-green towards the ends/my inner highlights) gives the hair a tad more dimension. LOVE IT!

Check out the two cute Japanese hairstylists of Flamingo Hair Studio! 


To get a 30% OFF* the PROMO PRICE (Yes, you heard right. My readers get an additional 30% discount from the already discounted promotional price), just quote my name "Faith Tan"

With just SGD175, you get a cut + colour + treatment! What a STEAL!
*Applicable for packaged services only. By Stylist Ayumi only.

Update: After a few washes, my hair remains soft & obliging, and the colour has transformed to a more gorgeous ash colour, replacing the ash-brown on my first day. I love it more now! (Will update with my selfies soon in future MOTD posts.)

For more information about the salon, please visit Follow them on INSTAGRAM@hairstudioflamingo

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