Monday, 11 April 2016

Vely Vely IM Custom Coloring Browcara Review


BNT April '16 Box is a simple one with two products from Vely Vely. You might be wondering what brand is that... My curiosity was piqued too when I heard this brand for the first time.

Vely Vely is a Korean cosmetic brand by an online fashion store IMVELY. It's pretty much like Style Nanda/ 3CE concept, just that Vely Vely has yet to reach the level of popularity for its overseas market. I'm placing my bets on this brand that it will soon be though. And I will tell you why later.

Vely Vely IM Custom Coloring Browcara

The fuss-free chic pink-and-black packaging was what attracted me the most. But that's not the best thing of all, yet.

Main selling points:
•Come in three colors

•Specially-designed brush for professional touch


The applicator is easy to use and control, and it makes application neat and quick. 
The shade I used is Gold Brown and it matches my hair and looks natural for my skin tone.
Unlike Japanese brow mascaras, this one is not as intense or pigmented so I need to 
brush twice for the colour to entirely cover my black brow-hair. It is quite long lasting and 
doesn't clump or look weird under day light.


PRICE: 18,000 won

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