Friday, 12 August 2016

Review of Lafine Vegetable Deep Cleansing Cream


The current market has no lack of oil makeup removers and makeup cleansing water. However, in comparison, there isn't as wide a range of cleansing cream available.

For sensitive or dry skin, makeup removing can be a nightmare if one does not use the right makeup remover. In fact, for anyone who uses makeup, the first utmost important step to good skin is makeup removing!

When I saw that in the August '16 Beauty Box, there appeared a jar of Deep Cleansing Cream, my curiosity was piqued immediately. BNT always sends amazing K-Beauty products that are not-as-accessible in Singapore as of now; this time round, it is no exception.

How to Use


Skincare products made from natural ingredients always hit right up my alley. Especially since this one seems so healthy with its vegetable-based ingredients: extracts from cucumber, carrot, water parsley, tomato and parsley. Another bonus is it doesn't smell too botanical or herbal. It smells & feels refreshing, non-greasy and cleans makeup amazingly well* (just gotta follow the above pictorial instructions!). 

In addition, after rinsing-off, skin feels soft and comfortable even before toning & moisturising.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried long enough to see if this can clog pores or causes breakouts, like how some of my other oil makeup removers did to my skin. Do note that it contains mineral oil as well as an ingredient named 'ethylhexyl palmitate', which according to COSDNA, has a high rating of 4/5 for comodegenic ingredients.

*cleans even the most waterproof makeup 


PRICE: 17 000 won

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