Monday, 18 June 2018

Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore


Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore

Have you ever been confused with beauty terms such as "skin tones", "undertones", etc.? It's almost like we can never be certain what our skin tones or undertones are, unless we consult a beauty professional. Even if we do know, how do we ascertain which hair colours are right for us? Understanding which colours flatter our skin tones is important. Different colours produce different vibes and the right hair colour can enhance our facial features, brighten our complexion and improve our style & overall look.

This is where Chez Vous Hair salon comes to the rescue! In collaboration with Goldwell Singapore, Chez Vous designed #RightColourMatters - an Asian-centric hair colour diagnosis methodology that helps to find hair shades that best complement you! 

Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore

As you can see, I headed to Chez Vous and tried the service myself. The diagnostic test begins with my stylist, Associate Salon Director Readen holding a series of colour charts against my facial skin to demonstrate how the different colours reflect light and work with my skin tone. This is followed by a short consultation session where Readen advised the suitable corrective shades for me.  And I can say that I was surprised to learn that my skin tone is in fact rather neutral so quite a range of colours suit me. (Lucky me!) Something I never knew until this #RightColourMatters test is that Ash Lavender/purple tones also work well on my skin tone and can potentially help me sport a more updated & younger vibe!

Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore

To achieve ash tones, bleaching is required. My hair initially contained significant yellow pigments due to all the browns/reds that I have been spamming with for years. It took us two rounds of bleaching to be able to achieve my new dream hair colour. 

Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore

Goldwell BONDPRO+ was added to the hair colouring process to strengthen hair fibre as well as to support bond stability, in turn preventing breakage or hair damage. This is really effective. My hair was still going strong and looking healthy, as seen below!


Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore
Stepped out of Chez Vous, feeling like a million bucks, ALWAYS!

First day hair always appears darker and shiner. As days went by, my fresh hair colour faded beautifully to a nice ashy lavender hue (which was closer to my expectations) instead of the deep violet you see above.

Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore

Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore


As you'd already know, this is not my first visit to Chez Vous. The good folks there have been taking care of my hair since November 2017, and I am really glad to stick to them. Situated conveniently at the heart of Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, this trendy salon looks very new on the exterior but in fact they are a well-known brand name for 20 years! All their stylists are director levels with in-depth hair knowledge & vast hair styling experience, plus many awards & accolades under their belts. 

Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore

My favourite stylist is Readen. He has a good aesthetic eye for trends, makes accurate diagnosis by putting efforts to communicate and understand his clients' lifestyle, personality, individual style preferences, etc. and provides his clients with valuable advice on aftercare. I picked up so much hair care tips from him! One of which is to mix Gentian Violet into my shampoo to lengthen the colour span of my new Ash Lavender Rose hair.

Review of #RightColorMatters by Chez Vous Hair Salon Singapore
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From now till July 2018, Chez Vous is running a launch promotion on #RightColourMatters, which is priced at S$299 for above-shoulder-length hair and S$399 for below-shoulder-length hair. It includes a haircut, a #RightColourMatters Diagnosis, and a 3D Colour and Highlights or Balayage. Complimentary items include a Goldwell BondPro+ Hairshots (worth S$55) and an Express Revitalizing Supreme Therapy (worth S$205).
Chez Vous 
391 Orchard Road
#05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium
Singapore 238872
Tel: +65 6732 9388
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 11am to 8.30pm; Sat: 10.30am to 7pm; Sun: 11am to 6pm

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