7 Jun 2018

How I Lost 14 Kg of Weight with Celevenus Aesthetic LipoCryo and I-Lipo


How to Lose Weight Fast lipo cryo Singapore

Weight loss and body slimming goals have always been on many women's minds. How many of us are blessed with a naturally slender figure and super charged metabolism levels? Rarely. 

That's why this topic is the most discussed health & lifestyle topic among women and even men! Recently, so many of you noticed my weight loss and have approached to ask me about my "secret" to shedding off the excess pounds in such a short time... well, ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. 

In this blog post, I am going to share with you my entire weight loss & body contouring journey of 4 months! (Keep scrolling down for a sweet little surprise - just for you, my readers and followers!)

From 67kg (Jan 2018) to 53kg 
Dress Size from L to S and sometimes XS.

How to Lose Weight Fast lipo cryo Singapore

Back in mid 2016 through year 2017, I experienced massive weight gain due to some changes in my living arrangements, personal health issues and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Apart from being aesthetically out of shape, the weight gain has affected my health and fitness level to the point I was panting when I climbed up a flight of stairs! My BMI was skirting the unhealthy range. I couldn't fit into my usual M size anymore. Being a part of the beauty & fashion community, this inevitably led to some unspeakable inconveniences for me. (I mean, how do I tell my clients & sponsors I need to wear an L or XL? Many local or Asian labels don't even have clothings in size XL right?)

I decided to take matters in my own hands. 
I need to shed off the extra pounds!

Best Aesthetic Doctor in Singapore review
The esteemed Dr Dylan Chau and Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

As much as I want to solely rely on my mental tenacity to lose 10 kg by myself, I observed little success for the first month. I probably lost no more than 2 kg despite increasing Zumba lessons per week from one to two, and decreasing my meal portions by half.

That's when I knew I needed extra help from a professional, a REAL professional in health & beauty. I have never trusted slimming centres - you know, those places that push you to sign up slimming packages which usually sets you back by at least a few grands.

Best Aesthetic slimming doctor singapore

By word of mouth via friends and online reviews by patients, I got to know that Dr Dylan Chau is a highly regarded expert in the arena of aesthetic augmentation. His clinic, Celevenus Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic, is Singapore’s premier aesthetic clinic, offering an extensive range of the latest cosmetic technologies and professional treatments, targeting various parts of the body such as face, neck, eye, hair & scalp and the entire body for slimming.

Personal Background Story: I first got acquainted with Dr Dylan (that's how many of us address him in person. Besides being professional and very knowledgeable, he is a genuinely caring and humble doctor whom everyone feels comfortable with) a year ago, because I desperately needed some corrective procedure on my nose due to a botched thread job by another aesthetic doctor. Dr Dylan stepped in to help me with no judgement nor unnecessary questions asked, resolved my issue on the spot, and in no time, I was back on my feet (and beautiful face)! This explains why I trust him and Celevenus with body slimming services too. I just know I will be in safe hands. :)

Dr Dylan Chau is an industry leader in the medical aesthetics field, a Sculptra Trainer to other aesthetic doctors and the Pioneer of Thread Lift in Singapore. He also deploys the use of an arsenal of high-tech machines to assist his patients to achieve their desired body shapes.

You can read more about Dr Dylan Chau's credentials HERE.

Advanced Techonology Body Slimming by CELEVENUS 

How to Lose Excess, Unwanted Fats on the body without invasive surgery?

I am not going to lie to you that slimming/fat loss is easy, because it's not! However, with discipline and a little bit of professional help, it is not unattainable. Just look at me...

(Disclaimer: I did not undergo and will never consider LipoSuction!)

How to lose weight fast in singapore ilipo lipo cryo
Proven Results of Lipo Cryo + I-Lipo!!!

After a consultation, exercise & coaching session with Dr Dylan Chau, he & his team of therapists tailored a combination of *3 sessions of Lipo Cryo + 8 sessions of I-Lipo for me. So it goes something like...

1st session Lipo Cryo > 3 sessions of I-Lipo > 2nd session Lipo Cryo > another 3 sessions I-Lipo > 3rd Lipo Cryo > 2 sessions I-Lipo

* This series of treatment stretched out to 4 months for me. Duration could be shorter if I wasn't travelling!
* Depending on individual body contouring goals and weight loss target, your personalised treatments may differ from mine.

What is LipoCryo© ?

LipoCryo© or Coolsculpting is what the laymen calls "Fat Freezing". It works through the process of cryoliposis which destroys fat cells by cooling them. Over the course of a few weeks to months, the body works itself to flush out the dead fat cells, resulting in a reduced fat layer of the treated area.

  • No downtime
Because it is a non-invasive procedure, you’ll be able to return to all of your usual activities immediately after treatment.
  • Minimal discomfort
Virtually painless and has only minimal side effects including localised redness, bruising and numbing which quickly subside.
  • When will the result show? *
Usually it takes between 1-3 sessions to achieve the desired result.
*Results will begin to show within 15 days and gradually improve over the following weeks and months. Possible total fat loss will be somewhere in the vicinity of 25%. Results vary for individuals.
  • Fast treatment
Treatments last anywhere from 20 to 180 minutes, depending on size of the target areas.
Read more about LipoCryo HERE.
How to lose weight fast in singapore ilipo lipo cryo
Photo taken in January 2018, during my first session of LipoCryo. 
If you're a fitness buff, you'd have learnt this before in sports science or on fitness literature that "spot reduction of body fats is impossible". Thus, it is understandable if you think that LipoCryo or fat freezing procedure is a sham. On the other hand, if you're someone who thinks that Fat Freezing sounds like your fats are gonna ALL be frozen & flushed away after the treatments are completed without you making any lifestyle changes - then I am here to MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS.
Both extreme ends of the belief spectrum are wrong.
LipoCryo is EFFECTIVE. 
But it is not without conditions attached. Understand that LipoCryo (or any fat freezing machines) will only work for generally healthy individuals who are not obese, and who have less than 2 inches of stubborn fat around the treatment area. This is not exactly a cheat way out of gluttony - you cannot expect to do this treatment and continue eating the way you do, thinking your fats will disappear anyway. Don't nullified your results by eating more, please!
I know of people who experienced more pain than I did. I do not have a high pain threshold, but honestly, I really did not feel pain during this treatment. At most it felt cold and slightly uncomfortable as the cold clamp pinched on my fats. However, the discomfort went away after a few minutes because the treatment area was totally numb by then.
My first session of LipoCryo reaped the most significant effects. I witness an obvious ab crack within 3 weeks. During that 3 weeks, I ate the usual way (low carb but not on ketogenic diet yet). I also noticed a flatter upper abdomen and reduced size of my hip area which used to be my most stubborn trouble spot. Subsequent two LipoCryo sessions kind of heightened my slimming journey, coupled with i-Lipo treatments which I am going to touch on in a while.
More information about LipoCryo HERE.
What is ILipoXcell?
ILipoXcell Laser Lipolysis (a.k.a I-Lipo) is an FDA cleared multi-platform body contour system, incorporating 4 technologies in 1. It can help reduce fat in those troublesome areas, improve the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks and increase lymphatic drainage. 
Each treatment session targets only one area and it lasts from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. 
More detailed information on ILipoXcell HERE.
How to lose weight fast in singapore ilipo lipo cryo

How to lose weight fast in singapore ilipo lipo cryo
How to lose weight fast in singapore ilipo lipo cryo
My top favourite therapist in Celevenus, Veron! 

This treatment needs to be followed up with a 20-minute cardio exercise session for it to achieve maximum results. It took me a total of 8 one-hour sessions, so I shall be blunt and say that it took me a hell lot of discipline and commitment to this part of the slimming program!

I can't totally credit my fat loss to I-Lipo, because alongside with this course of treatments, I stepped up my game in dieting & exercise too. Plus there was LipoCryo as well, which I actually witnessed greater fat loss effects. That being said, i-Lipo do help in cellulite reduction. My hips used to have loads of cellulite, and now they are almost invisible! Unlike dieters who complain of excess skin after weight loss, I don't seem to have serious issues with this. I believe I-Lipo really helped in sculpting & toning my body.


It's strange because I was told that no other patients complains of pain for I-Lipo, only LipoCryo. For me it was the other way. I found the laser and RF sequence could sometimes overheat, and the cellulite massaging part felt painful due to the suction. Therapist Veron is very skilled at handling the machine, so whenever I fedback any discomfort to her, she promptly adjusted the frequency settings to ensure my skin doesn't get burnt and that I feel more comfortable.


As mentioned, this is a machine that sculpts and maintains the body shape, not so much of it is focused on fat loss or weight loss. However, for the effort I put in my exercise routines thereafter, I expect no less. I guess this machine may demonstrate more solid results for aging, saggy skin?

How to lose weight fast in singapore ilipo lipo cryo
The teddy bear heat pack, with compliments of Ms Cindy Tan, was my best companion for treatments in air-conditioned rooms.

Special mention to all the lovely Celevenus staff and the Head of Marketing, Ms Cindy Tan for always taking care of me and making my body contouring journey such an amazing and happy one! The team consists of all beautiful ladies who are attentive, professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, caring & encouraging to all their patients! Thank you Celevenus' angels for always being so sweet and kind to me. Without your positivity and ongoing encouragement, I might have given up halfway already!


Other Common Questions I Get Regarding My 14 kg Weight Loss Journey:

Q1: Is it compulsory to sign up a package with Celevenus if I want to experience the slimming treatment for myself?
A1. No. They will advise you on what target treatments you need for your slimming goals, but will not push you to take up anything you are uncomfortable with.

Q2: How much is per session?
A2: I can't determine the size of your treatment areas and length of treatment session, etc. Only the professionals at Celevenus can advise you. Please enquire directly with them. Call +65 6410 9621!

To sweeten the deal for you, QUOTE MY NAME FOR 50% DISCOUNT ON LIPO CRYO!!

Q3: How do you lose so much weight in 4 months? Did you do anything else besides the slimming treatments?
A3: Celevenus slimming program was there to assist my weight loss goals, but it was never to make it my main focus! I did not set out to lose 14kg, initially I thought I will be super happy with just 10kg.. but it just happened for me. I have to tell you that HIIT (High Intensity Inteval Trainings) and the Ketogenic way of life was the backbone of my successful weight loss. 

Q4: I want to start exercising, but I don't know how.
A4: Start by doing something you like and can commit to. You don't have to do HIIT if you hate it; neither should you force any diet on yourself if you know you just can't. It's the journey that matters, a lifestyle that you ultimately can keep to, not just an end goal of a certain number of kilos. Trust me, maintenance is the hardest part of weight loss success, not losing weight itself!

Q5: Wahhh I can't do Keto lehhh...have to cut out sugars and carbs ah? I don't eat veggies also leh. Can I still lose weight if I don't do Keto?
A5: Yes, you can still lose weight if you don't do Keto. As long as your daily total amount of calories intake is lesser than total amount of calories expended, you will still lose weight. Besides Keto, there are plenty of other variants of low carb diets if you want to explore this option. Low carb diets are not just there for weight loss, they exist for health reasons too!

Q6. Keto food very hard to cook leh! So troublesome and seems so yucky! Where to buy outside?
A6:  It's not that hard to cook. I take about 30 minutes to prep my daily Keto meals like the ones shown below. It is very palatable to me and my family. 

How to lose weight fast in singapore ilipo lipo cryo

If you really want to buy ready made Keto compliant meals from outside (which I don't recommend due to hidden carbs in the sauces, the low quality oil used and how they prep the food), I suggest salads, roasted pork belly, Hainanese chicken drumstick, Bak Kut Teh, soft boiled eggs with butter, etc. all must be without sauces. Alternatively, you can visit cafes such as Cookit or Haakon

Word of caution: Research extensively on Ketogenic Diet before you get started! Don't be half-ass and eat fat-laden foods while hanging on to carbs (such as fruits or mee hoon or brown rice!). You will get your health into trouble if you are only half ass into Keto. Good luck!!


Hope you find this lengthy blog post informative! You're welcome to ask me further questions of Celevenus's services, Keto Diet, HIIT, and just about anything else regarding my weight loss journey! Stay healthy and beautiful, lovelies!

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  1. It has been very useful reading your journey for me. I exercise a lot too but like you, have stubborn areas that just will not go away. Reading your blog gives me the confidence to give Celevenus a try. Will let you know how it goes!

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      Sorry for my late reply! I hope your journey is going on great!

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