Saturday, 24 August 2019

Review of KO BROWS Singapore

Review of KO BROWS Singapore

Hello everyone! It's been a long while!

Most of my old blog followers would have already known I have moved on to be more active on Instagram with a focus on producing lifestyle images & beauty videos. However, whenever I meet products or services (especially beauty services) that I feel passionate to write more about, I miss my blog here!

So here we are, back are my first home again ;)

This blog reactivation post is dedicated to my latest favourite eyelash extensions service provider - KOBROWS, which specializes in Korean style semi-permanent makeup and have since won numerous awards for their brow embroidery and semi- permanent eyeliner services.

Review of KO BROWS Singapore best semi permanent beauty services

Review of KO BROWS Singapore best semi permanent beauty services

Review of KO BROWS Singapore best semi permanent beauty services

Situated at a highly convenient central location Marina Square, a quick lunch time beauty fix sounds like a legit thing to do!

Classy Victorian themed interior, the finishing touches of the salon add to the inviting and pampering ambience. With relaxing soft music playing in the background, attentive services of the therapists and most importantly comfortable treatment beds - there is nothing to fault with KOBROWS.

Review of KO BROWS Singapore best semi permanent beauty services

Review of KO BROWS Singapore best semi permanent beauty services

High quality, in-house after care beauty products are available for sale at the reception area. 

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Y-lash today!

<Personal Thoughts>

KO BROWS K-Natural Fantasy Eyelash Extensions (Unlimited Lashes) $138

I have regularly been using KO BROWS K-Natural Fantasy Eyelash Extensions for more than half a year, and each session would last for 5-8 weeks before I need a touchup.

I always leave to the lash technicians to design my set of lashes and they usually do a mix of 10-12mm W-lash or Y-lash on me. Both types are equally lightweight and comfortable.

I do not feel any weight nor any tiny bit of discomfort on my lash line at all. The precious part is - my natural lashes were never damaged by this service. They just naturally shed with the lashes after many weeks and lash regrowth has never been an issue.

Fun fact: I did not even use any lash serum all this while! If I had, I am pretty confident my natural lashes will be more luscious!

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W-Lash after 2 weeks.
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Totally adore the convenience of waking up to bright eyes with minimal makeup, looking and feeling beautiful all day! Makes travelling so much more enjoyable without worrying about the wind blowing off my falsies or the dried up glue irritating my sensitive eye areas.

6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square #01-230/231

Tel: 69960364

For further information and bookings, visit

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